Associated Cardiovascular Physicians

Choosing a cardiovascular practice is an important decision because proper cardiovascular function is at the heart of a healthy life. ACPMD’s combination of fully accredited, board-certified, cardiologists and the latest in diagnostic and treatment techniques delivers clinical excellence with a personal and compassionate approach, close to home.

Highly skilled medical team

Each of our expert board-certified cardiologists is an empathetic physician with strong credentials who takes the time to listen and, whenever possible, empower the patient to be actively involved in diagnostic and therapeutic choices.

Supportive, patient-centered care

We follow a holistic approach, meaning we take time to know you as a whole person, not just as a “heart patient”. Our treatment recommendations take into account your physical condition as well as your current lifestyle and heart healthy goals to maximize your success.

Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options—including non-surgical

Our cardiologists share a depth of knowledge that encompasses every major subspecialty of cardiovascular care. As a result, we can diagnose and treat a wide array of cardiovascular conditions, from atherosclerosis to abnormal heart rhythms, heart valve and vascular disease and more.

We try to offer the path of least resistance; many forms of heart disease can be managed or even prevented through minimally-invasive procedures, medication, and a commitment to healthy living.

Advanced on-site services

In addition to most diagnostic testing and lab work, we proudly offer leading-edge on-site services. These include EKG, stress testing (traditional, stress echo, nuclear stress testing), echocardiography with Doppler, all types of vascular studies, and a comprehensive venous and pacemaker clinic.

Long legacy of serving cardiovascular patients in the community

ACPMD was launched in 1987 and has the distinction of being one of the most enduring and comprehensive cardiovascular groups in the area. Currently, our practice is comprised of five physicians within two convenient locations: Palos Heights and Orland Park.

Premier referral resources

Our cardiologists hold staff positions at leading regional hospitals. If it I determined that you need a higher level of care or specialized procedures, you will seamlessly be referred to one of the centers of excellence right within the region.

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